March 31, 2023

Pro-tem speaker is mainly an operating and temporary speaker. To conduct the works in the centre or in state legislatives, protem speaker is appointed for a limited time period. Generally in such a condition when the Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies have been elected, but the vote for the speaker and deputy speaker has not taken place, the protem speaker is chosen. Protem speaker is chosen with the agreement of the members of the Lok Sabha and legislative assembly, so that he can carry on the activities till the permanent speaker is not chosen.

Trivia Fact:

On the constitution of 14th Lok Sabha, Shri Somnath Chaterjee was appointed by the then Hon’ble President as Speaker Protem to perform the duties of the office of Speaker from the commencement of sitting of 14th Lok Sabha on 2 June, 2004. On the next day, Shri Somnath Chaterjee himself became a candidate for the post of Speaker, Lok Sabha. Hon’ble President, thus, by his another order, appointed Shri Balasaheb Vikhe Patil as Speaker Protem to perform the duties of the office of the Speaker from the commencement of the sitting of Lok Sabha on 4 June, 2004 till the election of Speaker.

Moral: The Post of Speaker is neutral and unbiased and should be seen so. Even for seemingly simple thing as election of speaker the candidate himself should not be the [protem] speaker.

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