March 31, 2023
Get out of that boring, isolating room and reach out to good people. Your smiling friends and everlasting family would do miracles in your life. Connect with them.

Before we read further, remember that life’s greatest lessons are usually learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes.

If you have already committed a big mistake then this is the time to rise. Raise your health, mind, body and soul. But for that to happen you need to stop thinking about any temptation or illusion or distraction that is making you think about her.

Let’s see objectively what are the things that could be swaying you:

  1. FEAR: Fear is your greatest enemy. You need to conquer that. If you are leaving your ex alone for good then don’t be afraid that you wouldn’t find new one. What you cannot get is a new you. You need to discover that for your self. If your ex was beautiful and looks don’t matter to you now means that your ex has taught you a valuable lesson. Lesson that a beautiful mind is lot better than a beautiful face.
  2. DESIRE: Desire is the cause of all sorrows. The day you stop desiring you will be happy with what you get. In fact, difficult to believe, but you would get better than that you would have had desired. If what you are seeking for is not coming to you then it means she never was yours. But what is yours shall any day come to you. The truth is your skills, your determination to do something meaningful in life should be the foremost thing for you to do now.
  3. LUST: Lust is different from love. For someone aspiring to raise higher in life, he needs to understand love and get away from lust. Physical relationship without being sure of long term commitment only tells that either you are playing or you are a fool. Whichever case it hurts later and given that this is not a need that can be fulfilled everyday, it is always good to go physical only when you are 100% sure of a long term togetherness. Again, nothing breaches your goals. Stick to your values.

So, how to overcome all these and bring a better self out of us?

Well, the road is not difficult. It is just that the start would be little jerky. Imagine a horse blindfolded from the sides just to be able to see in only one direction. You have to also have only one vision that too in the direction that your goal is.


Good Food and timely. Drink Water.

Walk on terrace or garden or beach, wherever you find good air and relaxing atmosphere. Make positive plans for ahead.

Talk to yourself. Remind about the great things you have done and how you conquered your challenges.

Meditate – while sitting, on the way in car or bus, even when waking up or going to sleep on bed.


Do not watch movies or series that raise your lust feelings.

Do not fall trapped to people who say things that are demotivating you.

Do not cut down on your regular sleep to make up for that extra chapter. Only people who are exceptionally strong emotionally may do that. You are not that one. Else you would not read this post. Nothing wrong though. Know your weakness and your strengths.

These are some of the Do’s and Dont’s. Find out what encourages you to get better and do that on a daily basis. Get out of that boring, isolating room and reach out to good people. Your smiling friends and everlasting family would do miracles in your life. Connect with them.

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